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Portland Oregon: Trip Report

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Hey everyone! I know it’s been a bit since I’ve posted but I’m back with a trip report. I recently flew myself and my significant other (Sam) to Portland Oregon using SW points in conjunction with my companion pass and had an awesome time. Keep reading if you wanna see what I considered to be a decent use of points and what cards I got to build those points up. To start, take a look at the chart below for a breakdown of all points that I used for this trip. ItemPoint SystemPoints Used FlightsSW26,000 HotelUR via UR Portal72,000 Rental […]


Chase Ultimate Rewards and How To Use Them

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Now that I have quite a few posts on credit cards, it’s time to show you how to use those new points that you just got. To start, the absolute¬†worst way to use points is via a statement credit. When you do this, you cash out your Ultimate Rewards (UR) for 1 Cent Per Point (CPP). This is considered a waste because it is possible to get a much higher value via transfer partners and booking travel through Ultimate Rewards. Moving forward in this post, I will make the following assumptions: You have either the CIP, CSR, or CSP. You […]


I Want To Travel! Where Do I Start?

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The Cost of Travel I have found that traveling, and getting the chance to explore new cultures is an important part of life. These experiences can be hard to come by, however, due to the high cost of travel these days. Airline tickets and hotels can run for a premium especially if you are traveling during peak times of the year. To avoid these high costs, it is important to learn a frugal way to fly and find lodging. Over the past few years I have learned many ways to save money while taking multiple vacations a year. The most […]