Important Words, Acronyms, and Phrases

#/24N/AThe number of credit cards on your credit report that were opened in the last two years
AAN/AAmerican Airlines
AFAnnual FeeThe fee paid for owning a premium card. Sometimes waived.
BizBusinessShorthand for a business account or card
BBPBlue Business PlusAn American Express Business card with no annual fee
BOABank of AmericaThe bank and all associated cards
BRGBusiness Rewards GoldThe business version of the American Express Gold card
CBCash BackDirect cash back instead of points
ChurningN/AThe act of opening the same credit cards multiple times in order to receive the sign up bonuses.
CICChase Ink CashThe no AF version of the Chase Ink Preferred with different bonus categories
CIPChase Ink PreferredChase's flagship business credit card
CLCredit LimitThe maximum amount you can spend on your credit card
Closing DateN/AThe date all unpaid charges are added together to determine the statement balance. Typically 2 to 3 days after payment due date.
CPCompanion PassWhen a fair allows the addition of a free companion. Typically associated with SW
CSPChase Sapphire PreferredOne of Chase's flagship credit cards that is a souped down version of the CS(R)
CSRCustomer Service RepresentativeThe representative of a financial institution that you call for assistance
CS(R)Chase Sapphire ReserveOne of Chase's premier travel cards
CPPCents Per PointA basis to determine the value of rewards points
DDDirect DepositDirect deposit into a bank account from an employer
DOCDoctor of CreditA website with a lot of information on churning
EQEquifaxThe Credit Beareau
EXExperianThe Credit Beareau. Typically used when applying for credit cards
FFFrequent FlyerThe rewards program associated with an airline or hotel
FIFinancial IndependenceHaving enough money invested or saved so that you can live off of the gains
FIREFinancial Independence/ Retire EarlyUsing Financial Independence to retire early from full time work
FlavorsN/ADifferent variations of the Amex Biz Plat eg: Schwab, Mercedes, etc.
GEGlobal EntryEasy return from international travel at certain airports
HPHard PullA hard pull on a credit account. Shows up on credit report.
HUCAHang Up Call AgainEnd the current call with a customer service rep and call again hoping for a new one
JBJet BlueThe airline. The points associated are True Blue
Minimum PaymentN/AThe minimum amount required to pay towards your statement balance prior to your next statement.
MPEMileage Plus ExplorerThe chase United Airlines Credit Card
MRMembership RewardsThe awards points associated with American Express
MSRMinimum Spend RequirementThe minimum need to spend on a card to receive the sign up bonus
PCProduct Change To convert one credit card to a different one
PlatPlatinumThe American Express Platinum Card. Can be found in different flavors
PRGPremier Rewards GoldThe personal version of the American Express Gold Card
ReconReconsiderationCalling the reconsideration line to try and get a rejected credit card application approved
SMSecure MessageSending a secured message through the website of the credit card issuer or bank
SPSoft PullA soft pull on a credit account. Does not affect score or show on credit report.
SPGStarwood Preferred GuestsThe hotel chain and all associated points/cards
Statement BalanceN/AThe amount of new charges that have not been paid off as of your closing date.
SWN/ASouthwest Airlines
Total BalanceN/AThe sum of all current charges and the previous unpaid statement balance.
TUTransunionThe Credit Beareau