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Portland Oregon: Trip Report

Hey everyone! I know it's been a bit since I've posted but I'm back with a trip report. I recently flew myself and my significant other (Sam) to Portland Oregon using SW points in conjunction with my companion pass and had an awesome time. Keep reading if you wanna see what I considered to be a decent use of points and what cards I got to build those points up.

To start, take a look at the chart below for a breakdown of all points that I used for this trip.

ItemPoint SystemPoints Used
HotelUR via UR Portal72,000
Rental Car (Camaro)UR via UR Portal10,600
Total PointsUR and SW82,600 UR
26,000 SW

I found this as a pretty decent redemption for multiple reasons:

  1. Using the companion pass allowed two people to fly across the country for 26k points in total
  2. The hotel we stayed at was awesome. It was a Residence Inn and in a prime location
  3. Driving a camaro was amazing. I did get yelled at by Sam a couple of times for speeding was a camaro so I had to

The flights were on SW airlines and they went very smoothly. There were no delays and even though there was no assigned seating, we were able to get neighboring seats on each flight. Personally, I love Southwest and have never had an issue with them. Check out the cash cost of the flight below.

sw 1

As you can tell, this would have been a pretty pricy trip if we were to have paid cash. Keep in mind this was the cost for one ticket and we needed two. I'll talk more about the CPP and value in a bit but let's keep going with the other redemptions.

The hotel was amazing as well. We got a studio with a kitchenette at the Residence Inn Pearl District. The staff was phenomenal and breakfast was included everyday. Check out this picture of the hotel taken from

Photo taken from
Photo taken from

As you can see the hotel was pretty nice. Now, check out the rates below and you can see the typical cost for the room that we got.

hotel rates

At $234 a night for Marriott Rewards Members, our point use was a steal. The same is true for our rental car. We rented from Enterprise and we were able to rent a premium car because we used Chase Ultimate Rewards.  Normally you are not allowed to rent a premium car unless you are 25 years old (I'm 24) but due to Chase not having this limitation in their system, we got away with it. This led to getting behind the wheel of a gorgeous Camaro. Check it out below.

Photograph by: @artbysamb

As you can see, the scenery was pretty amazing as well. Driving that car around windy mountain roads was a lot of fun.

The car was attractive and entertaining to drive but let's also take a look at the typical cost associated with it. You can see the listing below. In cash it would have been $234.84 to rent for the weekend and this does not include the young driver fee. Looks like we got a good deal in this department as well.

rental car

Now that you've seen all of the redemptions, cash value of them, and details of how it was, let's see how good of a value I actually got. Check out the chart below for all CPP values.

RedemptionTotal PointsCash ValueCPP
Mariott Residence Inn Pearl District72,000 UR$1,1701.6
Rental Car10,600 UR$234.332.2
Flights26,000 RR$626.60 * 2 = $1,253.324.8

Check out that value! I was able to save about $1,250 by using points and my CP. Definitely stay tuned for my post on how to get it if you want to do the same. Overall the west coast was phenomenal and I absolutely cannot wait to go back. Thanks for reading and as always, if you have any question please feel free to reach out to me.

P.S. Check out this awesome picture that Sam and I took at Vista House.


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